Elliot Hong (14 Feb 2012)
"Re: Steve K, 40 Days from the Miraculous Game"

Dear Steve and Doves:
I'm so glad we both believe that the Almighty gave a definite clue for the Bride through the miraculous game
in such an amazing manner.
It's also interesting that we both came up with a timeframe of Feb 17-19 as you counted 40 days from Jan 8
and I counted 49/50 days from the beginning of the New Year.
BTW, about a special sign of an unheard of, 2000 second GRB(Gamma-Ray Burst 33 minutes) which occurred
on 2/18/06 exactly 6 years before 2/18/12, Calvin interprets it as "Crossing the Jordan" because of Joshua 3:4
"But stay 2000 cubits (about 1000 metres) behind the ark. Do not go near it."
Let's hope and pray that we shall cross the Jordan this time.
See you soon.