Elliot Hong (13 Feb 2012)
"It shouldn't be long"

Dear Doves:
There is no question that the satanic ritual of the halftime show was a super major sign.
I believe now the clues that the Almighty gave us through the miraculous game on Jan 8
are definitely connected with the Super Bowl. A question is how soon the Judgment begins
from it?  In my opinion, it shouldn't be long because only extra time is given as the New
Year begins.
A Charity's vision "5,6,7,Jesus!" has not been fulfilled yet, so could it be 8 days from the
Super Bowl?  Perhaps 11 days or 13 days from it?   11 represents "Judgment" and 13
represents "Apostasy".  If it's 13 days from the Black Mass, it's the 666 day of this month
as Jean Stepnoski wrote.  It's also the 49th day of the year and 49 represents "the Son of
Man" "the wrath of God" while 50 represents "Jubilee". It's very possible that the overtime
of the miraculous game meant to extend 49/50 extra days.
According to Calvin, on 2/18/06 there was a special sign of 2000 second GRB which never
happened before.  This coming 2/18/12 is 6 years from it and 6 represents "weakness of
man" "satan's influence" "manifestation of sin".
I believe that once the Judgment begins, the Departure could occur within 5-7 days.
Let's hope and pray for the Blessed Hope becomes a reality this time.
See you soon.