Elliot Hong (1 Feb 2012)
"Additional Thoughts about The 46th Super Bowl"

Dear Doves:
There is a possibility that the 46th Super Bowl might not be held this year. 
I remember someone heard from the Lord during the Super Bowl season
last year "This will be the last Super Bowl America will enjoy." (don't
remember exact word)  Of course there is no way to know it was really
from the Lord.
Calvin thinks Feb.11 is a good possibility too, since 2 Kings 2:11 is a verse
of "Elijah Taken Up to Heaven."
So, another possible scenario is that a catastrophe or Sudden Destruction
occurs just prior of the Super Bowl (or on the SB day), then the Departure
follows on Feb.11.
I don't think the Almighty intervened the Bronco's game only to promote
"John 3:16" and "Tim Tebow".  Definitely there were hidden clues for the
Bride, and they're the overtime, one pass completion and 11 seconds.
The overtime represents "the extra time" which is allowed as the New Year
rolls in after "Time's Up" in 2011. One pass completion represents "one month".
11 seconds represents "the Judgment" as well as "the 11th day".  Putting them
together, it could mean that the Judgment begins within one month from Jan.8,
and the Departure follows on Feb.11.
On Feb.11 last year, the Egyptian people were freed from the dictator, Mubarak,
and this incident could be a parallel that the Israelites were freed from Pharaoh
and 1 year warning.  Jonathan heard from the Lord on Jan.6 "Behold I am at
the door, be ready like the Israelites to leave at Any Moment." It seems puzzles
fit together.
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See you soon.