Elaine Shealy (20 Feb 2012)
"To:  J.W., Robert Belanger, and Carol Lee "A Reluctant Watchwoman""

Hello  J.W.,  Thanks for your reply and remember that no one can make a decision for you, me or anyone to accept Jesus.  Husbands, wives, children, whoever, have to decide for themselves how to choose.  Most of all we are to love them and pray for them.  It's not easy on our own but Jesus wants us to put it on Him.
Hi Robert Belanger,  Thank you for  the link to Earls writings.  I apologize for not listing the link but see how God works things out for the better!  That link again is:   http://www.firstloveministry.com/Earls/index.htm   
Dear Carol Lee,  I did pray for you and thanked God for your being a willing handmaiden to teach your children at home.  When you start at home with God's instructions "to bring up a child in the way that he should go", then you are already being a watchman over the most precious of gifts.
In addition if we realize and acknowledge a few basic principals of God's words then we can have a little clarity of where we begin and establish a starting point.  Just a few pointers because I can not give you my experiences as mine will not be yours because we have different gifts and personalities and God has given each a little different mission.  Study these truths.
1.  God's plan and His Timeline          
2.  God is making up His "JEWELS" in these last days for His coming Kingdom.  Malachi 4:17
3.  God is calling his saints to purify, make spotless, and refine.  Daniel 12:9-10
4.  Earnestly ask God to answer your prayers for knowledge - wisdom - discernment, and to let the Holy Spirit guide you. 
     He will draw near to you if you draw near to Him.  When we accept Jesus we accept the Cross to bear just as He did and the road may be bumpy, but just keep on keeping on always leaning on Him.
My love and prayers for you.
A servant of God,  elaine shealy