Elaine Shealy (17 Feb 2012)
""Earl's Booklets" and Boot Camp"

Dear Doves and to the memory of Leland Earls,
Amen to what Arlene(16 Feb 2012) had to say about Earl's booklets.  In addition I wanted to tell everyone that for almost 6 years now I felt as if I had been in Boot Camp at some fort or other but mostly in the twilight zone boot camp.  I know that others of you have felt this way also.  I felt that I have been training for something that the Lord wants me to do in the Coming Kingdom.  So much so that I started praying for a "suitable job" in the Coming Kingdom according to God's will.  Then I started praying Sunday for a revelation of what it is that I would be doing as I felt that I would have to come back and witness to all these people who have sneered, rejected, called me names, avoided me, etc(you know the routine) during the Tribulation.  ----------AND BAM  ---Leland Earl's Booklet on "The Three Coming of Jesus".  All my questions were answered in this booklet and how I expected it to be.  I had searched the Bible for these answers but could not put it together like Earls.  God really annointed this man to interepert and discern His word and thank you Sweet Jesus for him.
I always knew what my purpose was and is after the Holy Spirit was poured out on me for some two months after Hurricane Katrinia came.  I knew that it was the end times and that Jesus would be coming in the clouds for us although I had never heard anything about end times.  I started praying to understand the Bible better, knowledge, wisdom, and discernment.  Got that.  Then started telling my family, friends, anybody and boy was I surprised!!  I thought everyone would be so glad to hear what was going to happen and that we had a road map to heaven.  Not so.  My family whom I loved and thought they loved me too(as in honor what I was saying even if they didn't believe it), people who were in my art group, people in my church, even my pastor, people everywhere did NOT want to hear anything about this.  These are intelligent people.  Then I noticed that I am out here in this boat all by myself but I kept on paddling.
Then things started happening in my family against me that I cannot even tell here and we are supposed to be upstanding christian people!  But I didnot wavier and God has lead me on the most "refining" journey - amazing!  He gave me visions, dreams(Had two of the rapture and one of them I felt what it would be like), wind across me when sleeping, my grandchild healed when she was dying, the Shekiah Glory(light bounced across my dining table twice one night), etc, etc, etc, AND now Earl's booklet.  What a wonderful Almight God we have and we are going to enjoy Him and what He had prepared for us.  Can you believe we are the generation that will not see death??????????
If you haven't read this 44 pages of enlightenment please do ---that is if you have time(I thought I heard a shofar).
All of you have shored me up more than you will ever know.  By the way, an Overcomer is not someone who just is still here when Jesus comes - they are someone who will NOT sit down and shut up.
Maranatha,  elaine shealy