Edwina (9 Feb 2012)
"To, Bruce Warner, Rob, FireCharger and Desire.(Van der Kruk.)..."

Dear Bruce,
Say it isn't so!! If you are right, then we are in for a long haul, do you think that Iran and Israel can wait that long?
For my sanities sake!! I hope you are not right brother! But, thanks for sharing nevertheless. I've personally given up on the High Jewish Feasts...although it's very tempting to think it may be Eastertime-Passover? THIS year!!
Best wishes, edwina.
Dear Rob,
Your post was so beautiful! Every time I light my Havdala Candle and sing the end Sabbath song I think to myself, will this be my last Shabbat? Will this be the last time I sing, Eem Mashiach Ben David, Eem Mashiach Ben David!?
Cannot wait to learn Hebrew, supernaturally, up in the heavenlies. I'm so tired of all the wickedness in the earth, I want to go HOME!!
Well done brother, Bestest wishes, edwina.
Dear FireCharger,
the "Truckstop Evangelist" !! What a super Faith! and you challenge us all to try harder for Jesus. What a blessing you are and your Crown of Righteousness will be gathering momentum no doubt at all!!
Take care and safe driving, Best wishes in Jesus, edwina.
Desire (Van der Kruk),
Hi there again. I had to smile at your post, you have hit the nail on the head! Wow! It is the price we all pay for "Loving His Appearing", it is a very special calling and vocation, and it is not easy, as you have already discovered. Other Christians, many are very much asleep and so, when you find rapture ready ones it is such a blessing and encouragement, for it is sometimes fustrating. You have realised this already, through the Most Holy Spirit, Who has prepared your heart for such a time as this. Praise God!
I suppose, because it is a hard thing to be a "Watchman" that we earn out Crown of Righteousness, and not all Christians will get one of those particular Crowns.
I have lost many friends and family because of my faith and rapture readiness. But! I have also gained a great many new friends, brothers and sisters/ family in Christ Jesus, so it could be similar for you too.
My only advice would be to pray to Jesus and ask Him? Lord, What would you have me to do? (like FireCharger has recently said) and then, in your very heart of hearts Jesus will reveal to you, who you are to share your thoughts with and through this process, the Holy Spirit will quicken your own faith and the faith of whom ever you are sharing your beliefs with. Try not to be disappointed if they do not respond positively at first, remember! Through your own Faith, You have sown a "seed" for Jesus and Jesus will help it to germinate.
Coming to Five Doves was a great first move, as I'm positive some of the others will give you some more, perhaps better advice, since you have asked.
Keep your eyes on Jesus, and you won't go far wrong little sister.
with love edwina.