Edwina (8 Feb 2012)
"TO Mathman - (28th Jan)."

Dear Mathman,
I just wanted to say, your letter was so humbling and in my heart I just know that you did your best for all of us here.
You are blest with numbers, even though I'm not good with numbers I can appreciate the gist of what you are getting at, and it is a gift, so don't knock yourself too much eh?
"If" we had been raptured, we would all be stunned at it! As it happens, we just got all prayed up and alerted to the greatest event for us Christians alive, to even contemplate the rapture event, is just such a privilege to be alive at this particular time in history. How can we then NOT get all excited and in a twitter of thinking, praying and contemplating the day and hour?
We know God the Almighty Father, the Son and the Most Holy Spirit IS in control, but we also are aware of all the enemies stratergies and so we cannot be blind to facts and events, just like this Madonna half-time "performance" I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all the blatent images and the "eye".....they, (they illuminati) must be having a real laugh at the sheeple, what do you think?
Anyway, if your gift is numbers, you cannot help it and sometimes gifts can then become a curse! lol, even so, Come Lord Jesus!
Kind regards and love in Jesus, edwina.