Edwina (8 Feb 2012)
"Kari and Gerlinda re Madonna and NWO spectacle at Super Ball 1/2 time."

Dear Kari and Gerlinda,
Wow thanks very much for your pictures and information, I missed seeing it and just saw madonna drop down at the end on the news channel. When I saw her costume I thought wow that looks a bit illuminatiesque- egyptian/winged god stuff. Thanks for sending all the info, just couldn't seem to get it at the time....and just knew in my spirit man that this would be "taken over" opportunity by the elite and we were not disappointed.
I've been thinking the London Olympics will be just the same type of thing, over run with "their" agenda - that's if we're still here!? At Five Dovies...!
Thanks again sisters, your both  brilliant Watchmen!
See you soon hopefully, love in Jesus edwina.