Edwina (17 Feb 2012)
"To Gerlinda - Whitney and Holy of Holies."

Dear Gerlinda,
Brilliant work on poor old Witney, when I heard of her death I thought, thats sounds a bit like an illuminati type sacrifice, and then you found all of that proof. It's completely amazing how dark and twisted they are, and then all the awards cabaret ritualistic, performance. After watching all that, and then with the super bowl stuff. You really would have to be spiritually asleep to not have your early warning system bleeping and flashing RED ALERT! anti-christ coming soon. You dug when I didn't bother, great work sister!
I will have to watch my dvd again it was from the History Channel which I bought in Israel, to clarify what it reveals about the Holy of Holies. I have tried to get my hands on many of Perry Stone's dvd teachings. I even paid for a substantial amount of dvd's via, the Cerullo's son and daughter in law, (I cannot remember their ministry name) because they apparently do overseas mailing etc. as Perry Stne does not send to UK. Anyway, they have not sent my dvd's either, but they took the money!!lol These dvd's were all about the Temple Implements and how they connect with Jesus so, I was really looking forward to learning more, since anything Jewish I go weak at the knees for!
You are mightily on the ball Gerlinda and what a blessing you are for information gathering!
Hopefully will be able to meet you soon, if Ron Reese and Mathman are on the right tracks!
love edwina.