Edwina (17 Feb 2012)
"Patti C - TV ."

Dear patti,
Yes, I agree it's a load of old rubbish. However! I only watch all the news channnels, especially the Russian and Chinese, you get a lot of information about the west that we don't get from our own contorted media. Press TV has been thrown off our satelllite here in UK having had their liscense revoked, because they were always slamming the west regarding Iran. Although, they were incredibly bias and had a vandetta against for Israel of course.
My routine is this, breakfast toast and coffee, flip through all the news channels.ie: What is the BBC churning out to ther masses? Then to the other countries channels /to see whats REALLY going on?  Breakfast over TV - OFF rest of day until betime cocoa, TV on - news channels flipped through.
GOD channels flipped through. Turn OFF.
Maybe I'm addicted to news!lol. On the Sabbath, I find it a real challenge! Painful at first, thinking " I wonder what's happening to Israel? What has Iran done? What has the US done?" .....then I relax and get down to serious worship/praying/studying and loving on the Lord. 100% in a totally different way, "cut off from the world" type of immersion in His Presence. It is now a favourite time and many blessings come. I have been through stages of intensity with the Lord! one week He filled me up, with so much FIRE I could hardly move for a week!!! It was wonderful and I cannot wait until we are out of this realm and into the super-SUPER NATURAL, supersonic realm! We shall be with our Beloved FOREVER, how exciting is that?
Good post of yours nevertheless! See you soon sister, love edwina.