Edwina (14 Feb 2012)
"Michelle F - Holy of Holies."

Dear Michelle,
On a dvd teaching on the Temple Rituals, the High Priest had a rope tied around his ankle, because it was not unknown that the priest, if he was found to be unclean, by way of an unforgiven sin, he would die, and so the others would be able to pull his body out of the Holy of Holies. Also, a red string was placed on his person and the string would turn white miraculously if God had accepted the atonement.
The Priest also said, a secret word that was very very long which is God Y------ most holy of holy Names and this was passed down from High Priest to High Priest.
I thought the High Priest just walked into the Holy of Holies? Hopefully someone else will know for sure?!
I have a home made Temple and Ark of the Covenant, absolutely wonderful and so rich to add to our Jesus who Is Melkizadek of old!
In Jesus, love edwina.