Edwina (14 Feb 2012)
"Alan T - 2012 false pope."

Dear Alan,
yes, absolutely, I've been watching this for a long time, the st. Malachi writings!!
There was also a piece in the "Inside the Vatican" about this present pope retiring after April this year, and I thought oh ye? before someone bumps him off? and now a few days ago in The Telegraph  headline was - "The pope will die within a year: Vatican assasination fears revealed" sensational prediction by a Cardinal Paolo Romano, the archbishop of Patermo in Sicily, on a recet visit to China..............(not Paul the Roman?)
So yes, Tom Horn has got it all sussed out again for us, I was thinking, what happens if we're raptured before his new book comes out!lol.
Well, anyway, it's all coming together just like the Bible has said, it would.
Best wishes, edwina.