Edwina (14 Feb 2012)
"Vision of Doves on White Horses!"

Dear Doves,
I prayed earnestly for all of the Doves here, on the Sabbath, and prayed for a double portion Blessing for you all, and I was astounded by Jesus's reply!
Whilst I was worshipping I felt the Lord show me He wants, and desires OUR TOTAL SURRENDER, SO HE CAN FILL US WITH HIS GLORY!
Then I saw, lots of us Doves on White Horses riding along behind Jesus... Before we started walking, and angel came and touched our lips with a hot coal.
I realized these were the angels and saints who will accompany Jesus when He Comes in Great Glory at Armegeddon.
So my dear friends in Christ Jesus, surrender fully and our reward will be to ride with Jesus!
HALLELUIA! Praise God, love edwina.