Edwina (11 Feb 2012)
"To Bruce Warner and Doves: re Long Haul ...."

Dear Bruce,
Thanks for elabrating on your deliberations!
There is much I cannot put 'together' in my mind and understanding, like Daniels 70 weeks, but! the significance of those Blood Moons and the Jewish Holy Feasts at that pivotal time in 2014/15, is written in the inside pages of my bible and I have realized for some time now that they are very important. Mainly because whenever they have been in the past, something BIG has happened to Israel and so, if past patterns repeat, it will be an important "sign" from all ages that God The Father and Jesus Co-Creator designed at the very conception of the world and the solar system. Isn't God, AMAZING! and here are we studying like "kings, working the matter out?"
Having said that, we are so close, very close, and there are many more dates and possibilities to exhaust first!
It is for sure, an exciting time to be alive, and we are so close now that with John Tng's Five Doves the expectations for the Raptue are beginning to be palpable, surely?
For all these many years, the long-time serving "Watchers, Watchmen on the Wall" are now seeing multiple possibilities, and it does not matter who is right? or who is wrong? We are all benefiting from a true community collection of differing talents and ideas! Praise God for That!
As Ron Reese so righty exclaims, Maranatha! When we are all Up in the clouds, we can just be with indescribsble joy at being at last, with The Beloved.
Rich Blessings to you and all I send, edwina.