Edwina (10 Feb 2012)
"To Patti C - madonna and remnant Christians!"

Dear Patti,
Truly inspired piece of writing!! I was also pretty well knocked aback with the blatent illuminati content agenda etc.
Yes, well it is also with a fascinated horror that I survey my local Christians.....I have tried all sorts of ways and have now just about thrown the towel in. My health prevents me from further bashing my head against a brick wall, but it is really very stark out there. There are those like us, who are literally on fire and burning up with love and thoroughly consumed with a desperation for "more" Jesus and His presence. And yet, there are those others who are supposedly Christians who are just not on the same page at all. 
It is as if, the true remnant is indeed small? Like minded souls are few and far between. Have you discovered Jonathon Kleck? His radio show in the evenings is quite an eye opener in seeing just where these "thinking" Christians are. In all denominations there seems to be the same dilema, too much hypocracy and false teaching and not enough of The Blood! His Blood, and of sin and repentence..
If we are as close to the end as some, (including myself) think, it really is scary that so many people are blind to many facts, especially of the madonna Preacher's wife who thought it was all great! Sometimes I think of what Jesus is "thinking" and wondering how He copes with such ignorance, and lack of inquiring minds for Him?
Anyway, enjoyed your enthusiastic run down! Keep it up sister, we have surely not long to go!!
In Jesus, edwina.