Ed C (10 Feb 2012)
"Who Makes the NWO Decisions"

To all:
Five Doves letters most recently have very much centered aorund the Illuminati and the NWO etc.  The symbolics of the half-time show at the super bowl being the most recent.  So here are my questions:
Somebody somewhere has to make a decision to get these signs and signals in motion.  Example:  Madonna doing NWO/Illuminati/Satanic halftime show.  Who picked Madonna to be the half time entertaiment?  From my research, it looks like Madonna herself was greatly instrumental in the creative process of what was eventually the actual show, but who hired her?  Was it her idea to go Satanic/Illuminati, or was she following a higher ups instruction?
Concerning the Loud/Close 911 movie:  Who started that process?  It didn't just happen.  Somebody chose to do it.  How much are the cast and crew aware of the alleged hidden messaging within the movie?
Was the Chevrolet commercial intended to be a message, or just picking up on the theme of the Mayan calender?  If intentional, who created it, pushed the idea for the subject matter, et al?
Does any human know what they are doing, or are they all subconciously being controlled by evil forces and are unaware of what they are doing?  These things have to start somewhere, by someone.  Knowingly or unknowingly.
Would be interesting in hearing your thoughts.
Ed C