DP (6 Feb 2012)

While the below timeline is far differnent from what many expect, it does show that there would be some visit by Jesus to the Temple / ie the Church/ in the Spring of 2012 AD. This ''visit'' would be at or near the time of Passover of 2012........a very  short time away!!
Remember that Jesus did not 'come' the first time the way ''expected''...........we should keep our spiritual antennae up so as to not miss the ''way'' He may appear the second time!!
Please note that  in John 21 Jesus visits the disciples again while they were ''fishing all night and had caught nothing''..............some ''scholars'' feel that Jn ch. 21 was almost like an ''add on'' chpt. since Jn chp 20 seemed to be the conclusion of John's gospel.
Peter had said ''I go fishing''.......apparently the disciples had given up some hope about all the events............and had returned to their ''jobs'' as fisherman. So this RE-appearance of Jesus seems to be to ''make sure they got back on track''.......this is evident from the converstation that followed with Jesus politely rebuking Peter.......''do you love me more than these''..........?
Jesus appeared in the morning on the coast of the lake/sea.
Notice again the similarity to John's (ie same writer) account in Rev. 10........a great angel.......no doubt Jesus.......appears with one foot on land and one on the sea.........just as Jesus appeared in John 21 on the shore.............very likely with one foot in the water and one on the sand.
In Rev. 10 there is a Re-commissioning to ''preach AGAIN to many people/tongues/ nations etc/''
I believe this parallels John ch 21........the disciples had ''fished all night'' and had ''caught nothing''......that pictures the church age and this current dispensation..........''the night is far spent'' said Paul. The church has ''fished all night'' ..........during this age and compared to the population has in effect ''caught nothing''........
In 12 AD Jesus visisted the Temple in Jerusalem at the Passover time.......this is recorded in Luke's gospel/ see chp 2:41-50. This coming Passover season of 2012 AD will be 2000 years elapsed since that event took place.
Here is my premise........not set in concrete though. Will Jesus again visit the Temple......ie some of the church......the Overcomers..........to re-commission them to ''go again to many nations/peoples '' etc per REV. 10?
If so, that would be at the Passover season of 2012....this year! >From 2012 AD to 2029 AD is 17 years. As Bonnie Gaunt and I discussed this she got an email ''out of nowhere'' from a relative who asked her ''if she had considered that the number 17 when added up by its constituent numbers added to 153''?!!
Note the disciples.......after following Jesus' fishing instructions in John 21 caught 153 fish!
And note that when this happened they were 200 cubits from where Jesus was! This would suggest that the end of the 2000 years of the church age and the completion of the Temple in 2033 AD was still not reached.........but when the disciples had caught the remaining 153 fish they were THEN  with Jesus on the shore!! Repeat, they were with Jesus on the shore.........no longer separated by the 200 cubits!
There are 17 years from 2012 AD to 2029 AD.
Here us how all this ''may'' fit together.
Bonnie Gaunt, I,  and others have concluded that the year of the cross was 33 AD. The church age, for the building of the Temple is 2000 years long.........proved by types in the Old and New Testaments. That means that the Kingdom would start in 2033 AD. Again, there are multiple proofs of this happening. Most know that the church age is 2000 years long.
So, IF Jesus appears to some in the Spring of 2012, will that be the re-enactment of John 21 and Rev. 10?
If so, the 153 fish are ''yet to be caught'' and I remind you that from 2012 to 2029 is 17 years and that the number 17 when added by its contituent numbers..........adds to 153 !!
From 2029 AD/Fall to the close in 2033 AD/Nisan is 3.5 years........which I believe is the time when the gospel goes back to Israel. Notice that Rev. 12 comes after the re-commissioning in Rev. 11.
At the start of Rev. 12 ''some'' are measured..........ie ''taken in'' but the rest are not measured........what does that mean?> It means that in 2029 AD when the gospel goes back to Israel the Church and the 153 fish caught the preceeding 17 years are ''taken in'' or raptured. If you read the remainder of REV it shows that later..........others are ''measured''........what is this measuring but the ''taking in'' / ie translation of those ''measured''!!
There then remains the 3.5 years to the Kingdom of God starting in 2033 AD (that is from 2029 to 2033). Note that immediately after the 2 witnesses go to Israel that the 7th trumpet is sounded and the Kingdom of God starts on earth.........see the last few verses of Rev. 11. This is after the 3.5 years that the gospel goes back to the nation of Israel.
If the above is correct then what might we expect?
We can expect Jesus to visit the Temple/ ie the overcomers in the church/ in the Spring of 2012 AD to re-commission them to preach again to all the world for the next 17 years in order to ''catch'' the 153 fish. Would this involve some changed to immortality? I don't know. But if true, it would for sure be an empowerment to finish the job. This would be the latter rain and ther greater works that Jesus said Would happen!
Note also that this same scenario is ''acted out'' by the miraculous escape of Peter from jail in Acts 12 which was shortly after the time of the Passover! After his escape he appeared to the other disciples at Rhoda's house...........he seemed to be ''in a different dimension'' and did not go into Rhoda's house.......and they thought they had ''seen an angel''! Was there something different about Peter after his release from jail?
Paul in Romans 11 clearly said that when the gospel goes back to the nation of Israel it will mean ''life from the dead''.......that would put the rapture at 2029 AD in the Fall.
But I would assume some type of empowerment to those Jesus appears to in the Spring of 2012. We are very close to that time!
God bless,