Douglas J. Martin (9 Feb 2012)
"How to survive the end times date setting"

Once again we have had a date come and go and we are still here.  Some that need to read this and the other posts have given up and decided not to read any more and quit watching the dates.  

Some, probably hundreds of hate mail messages have probably been filtered out by John.

Yet we press on.  This was not the first date that passed - not by a long shot.  If we are here much longer it will not be the last either.

So how do we survive with getting our hopes up and then have them dashed so often?

First, is to not get your hopes up that high.  This isn't a cult that has decided to go to a mountain top and wait for the Lord and in the mean time quit living our lives.  We are the every-day evangelical Bible believing Christians doing just 1 simple thing - taking God's word for a fact and watching and waiting.

Step 1.  Our hope is in  Jesus Christ - He saves us from things and He saves us through things.  Regardless of calling it the 7 year tribulation or "in the valley" or under attack or being oppressed, for the individuals going through these things, it will all feel about the same I would imagine.  He is strong enough to carry us all the way to the finish line and He will take us home at the EXACT right time.

Step 2.  Learn the same trick fighter pilots know when they make a landing on an aircraft carrier.  They watch, they line up with the moving runway and get all set and then they focus on beyond the carrier and give it all the throttle they can.  This is done in case the tail hook does not catch the arresting cable and the jet needs enough momentum to get airborne again.

Watch what the professionals do.  They preach end times prophecy and believe just as we do that we are so very very close.  This and other prophecy web sites are visited by probably the best known experts in the field I am certain of it.  They know of these dates that are proposed and yet they make plans for speaking engagements, conferences, etc.  We need to do the same thing.  Get excited - yes, but also keep your feet in this world.  Make appointments, keep living life in the now and honoring God in all that we do every day.  If we are out of here and then can't keep our planned schedule - I don't really think it will matter all that much .  In other words, keep busy.  If the date comes and goes and there is nothing that happens, then nothing lost.  We watch for His coming still and live for today.

By the way.  I have to interject here that I really appreciate the checks and balances that people are putting in.  There are multiple scenario's being proposed and people are not just accepting unquestioned various time lines and potentials.  I think that this is healthy.  In no place does it say we have to agree on a particular timeline and set of facts about the order of events in order to make the rapture.  This is one of the most impressive things I have seen about the five doves site.  Every so often John will put a halt to a topic that has been worked over too much but for the most part, he allows various discussions on topics that we are certain not all going to agree on - but it is a healthy discussion and the points being made are very very interesting to study and watch.

My personal thoughts are that BO is not the AC but is still a very very evil person - and could at some time become the AC but looking at the world right now, there is a lot of stiff competition for that position that most of us don't even see from our perspectives at this moment.

I also don't think that the 7 years have started yet but I do believe that we are seeing the seals being opened - I see no requirement that the seals must all be opened within the timeframe of the 7 year tribulation.  

I also do not believe that either of these positions will disqualify me from being caught up in the rapture if I am wrong.

"Watch for tomorrow but live in the now - as always ALL for His glory"

Thank you John for your wisdom in managing this board and thank you all for such incredible insight!  I try to never miss a day.