Douglas Daniels (9 Feb 2012)
"***Will Iran attack Israel on Purim (March 7/8) 2012?!***"

Dear brethren,
In striking confirmation of brother Ron Reese's timeline, the Holy Spirit (at approximately 2:00 A.M. this morning) seemed to bring to my attention that Iran (Persia) and its allies will use the occasion of Purim 2012 (March 7/8) to launch a coordinated, preemptive attack upon Israel! The parallel to the orininal Purim is simply much too coincidental and uncanny to be considered mere coincidence, IMHO. Per Ron's timeline, this attack would constitute the 7th (and FINAL) "warning". Therefore, I am expecting the six warning on February 17/18, followed 20 to 21 days later on March 7/8 by the Sudden Destruction of all World War Three.
"Haman is described as the son of Hammedatha the Agagite.[3] In the story, Haman and his wife Zeresh instigate a plot to kill all of the Jews of ancient Persia."  - (Wikipedia - "Purim")
In, by,and through His Grace Alone,
Douglas Daniels