Doug Corley (17 Feb 2012)
"RE: FM Riley's Post "The Heavens" 16 Feb 2012"

>>>It is claimed by one theorist that there will be a solar eclipse on September 13, 2015, the eve of Rosh Ha-Shanah, and the next day the second coming of Christ will occur. [Whatever happened to the seven year Tribulation?]. Then by counting backwards 1,260 days, it is also claimed that the Anti-christ will come to power on April 3, 2012.

Gee, I wish I knew as much as this fellow “thinks” he knows. In view of both Peter’s statement and the Lord’s statement, I am made to wonder how this fellow knows that a solar eclipse will occur on the eve of Rosh Ha-Shanah in 2015? In fact, how does he know that Rosh Ha-Shanah will even occur on the “date” during the Tribulation assigned to it based on the present positions and movements of the heavens? The Scriptures still say the present order and movement of the heavens is going to be “CHANGED” and “pass away” during the Tribulation period. Hello!

To insure that nobody else gets blamed for being the 'theorist' - it is none other than yours truly  
What I have written was not posted in some 'corner' but was written openly, above my own name, and graciously posted by John Tng for any reader - anywhere.  We are to give thanks in all things so I can truly say "Thank You" to F.M. Riley for bringing this to the attention of his readers.  His words are very revealing.
As to the seven years tribulation, I think we are already about 3 1/2 years into the final years.  If there is no order in the movement of the planets, for signs, in the next few years --- why are we instructed to watch them?   Time will prove all things.

If any Dove wants to follow up on what was actually written, my five posts are accessible at the following links.  
Some of the above is based on Kevin Heckle's post dated 12-22-2011 at link:  
Bruising the Serpent's Head in September 2015
All Doves can make their own decision if April 2-3 2012 is worthy of being a watch date.  It will be Nisan 10-11.  The Paschal Lamb is selected on Nisan 10 and the children of Israel crossed the Jordan into the promised land on Nisan 10.
Genesis 49:10 lays out the astronomical configurations (signs) for 2nd Advent of Christ (Shiloh).