Doug Blakemore (16 Feb 2012)
"How is help not a help?"

I have been thinking about the situation in the middle east and it
occurred to me that if the US fights against Iran and others that join
in with them, it will be a help to Israel and if so, then this can not
be the Ezekiel war.  UNLESS of course our help really isn't help at
all.  I can imagine our president using this situation to get boots on
the ground in Israel and in the surrounding areas, fight against
whatever forces come against us and then take up management of Israel
and help to usher in the rule of the Anti-Christ.  Boots on the ground
in Israel would mean that they would have a much larger say in what
happens in Israel after the battle with Iran is over.  What may start
out as looking like helping Israel may not necessarily be the help
they want or need.  Not only do the Muslims want Israel for
themselves, the Catholic church wants to be the manager of the holy
places and now,  Israel is a major supplier of food for Europe and
very soon to be one of the biggest natural gas suppliers to Europe.
What is it that Rom Immanuel said?  Never waste a good crisis?  Time
to pray hard for Israel and our own countries!

Douglas Blakemore, Ph.D.