Doug Blakemore (16 Feb 2012)
"prophetic mirage"

One of the things I have been thinking about lately is the fact that
what seems to be going on at times is people having what I would call
a prophetic mirage.  When you think of what a mirage is and when
someone would have one, it seems to fit.  They happen in a dry place
and it is due to fatigue and an intense yearning of wanting to see
something but it isn't there.  This temporary home is certainly a very
dry place.  We are absolutely straining at wanting to see Jesus coming
in the clouds so it does stand to reason that we would have in a sense
mirages crop up in front of us.  Everything that we see fits a certain
construct and every thing is absolutely checked and double checked
only to come up to the day and have it vanish in front of our eyes.

The difference is that we know that the Holy Spirit is here with us,
we have what we need while waiting and watching and that if we trust
Him, we will get through this time together.  Part of the function of
this body of believers at the Doves is a check and double check
against the mirages.  If it is a mirage, not all of us will see the
exact same thing.

We are commanded to watch and pray and share the good news with the
world.  Never does it say we must have it all figured out before the
date of the rapture.

Just a thought.
Douglas Blakemore, Ph.D.