Desiré van der Kruk (6 Feb 2012)
"Rapture dream"

Hi John Tng,
A few weeks ago (01,06,2012) I  had a dream about the rapture.
I don't know if it came from God but I thought it was important to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
The dream:
I was at home with my dad and we looked out the window because there were hundreds of demons in the sky and UFO's.
And suddenly they all disappeared.. And there was a really loud noise.
We went outside and I looked up in the sky, where I saw Jesus with thousands of angels. I couldn't see HIS face but I knew it was him.
A second after I saw Him He raptured me, but I saw that my dad was left behind. He was screaming 'Where is my daughter??? I can't find her!'
I was in the air and it went really quick. And I felt such happiness! The most happy feeling in the world.
I think that the rapture is soon,very soon. At least I hope so.
Desiré van der Kruk , Holland, age 16.
(I'm from the Netherlands, and English is not my mother tongue.. My apologies if my English is incorrect)
Welcome to the Doves,
Thanks for sharing your dream.