Denis Hart (8 Feb 2012)
"Man from the East - Obama?"

Man from the East - Obama?

Calling a ravenous bird from the East - the man (Cyrus) who executes my

counsel from a far country (Isaiah 46: 11 Amplified)

The aim of this letter is to examine whether there is an end-time fulfilment of Isaiah 46:11: calling a ravenous bird from the East.  It is clear from the Word of God, and history more generally, that the primary fulfilment of this prophecy was in King CyrUS the Persian (mainly Iran today).  But is there another imminent fulfilment?  The context, in verse 10, says: ‘Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done.’  Quite clearly, the prophecy indicates at least the possibility of something in our time - the time of the end.  Below is my attempt to highlight this, but other Doves would do this much better.

Latitude and Longitude - Obama from the East?

Could this be prophetic of Barak Obama who almost uniquely could simultaneously be the man from the East and the President of the United States - the one who executes God’s counsel from a far country.  Putting the controversy about Obama’s birth certificate to one side and concentrating on his formative years, Barack Obama’s main place of upbringing was Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Now the next step requires some latitude and longitude information on Honolulu, Jerusalem and mainland United States.  The coordinates are as follows:

JerUSAlem:  31 degrees North and 35 degrees East

Honolulu:       21 degrees North and 158 degrees West

Cape Alava (Washington State):       125 degrees West  (Westernmost point of mainland United States - except for remote parts of Alaska and islands off Cape Alava).

Now it is clear that almost all of mainland United States is west of Jerusalem - since the westernmost point (Cape Alava) is 160 degrees west of Jerusalem (less than half of the 360  degrees around the world), other regions in the United States are even more so west of Jerusalem.  What about Honolulu?  Honolulu is east of Jerusalem - around 167 degrees east of Jerusalem (less than half the 360 degrees around the world).  Furthermore, while the latitude of Honolulu (21 degrees North) is not exactly east of Jerusalem (31 degrees North), it is reasonably close. 

The man from Hawaii

Hawaii is the newest and 50th State of the United States, having joined on 21 August 1959.  In many ways from more ‘ancient times’ the likelihood of a quite distant island becoming part of the United States would have seemed unlikely (even the United States as a nation was not known about at the time of the prophets!).  But in the end of time, if there is a secondary fulfilment of Isaiah 46:11, Obama from Hawaii could, against the odds be both the man from the East and current President of the United States.  Like Cyrus of old, the Almighty God uses people to do His counsel who may not be spiritually close to God.

Construction and population growth in Jerusalem/Judah (Isaiah 44: 26-28)

‘Who says of Jerusalem, She shall (again] be inhabited, and of the cities of Judah, They shall be built, and I will raise up their ruins,  27Who says to the deep, Be dry, and I will dry up your rivers, 28Who says of Cyrus, even saying of Jerusalem, She shall [again] be built, and of the temple, Your foundation shall [again] be laid.

It is incredulous that in our time many countries across the world express their views about limited construction projects and new houses in Israel!. These and other countries, including in the Middle East, have huge construction projects themselves and these attract very little attention.  So, it is also quite amazing that Isaiah 44 prophesies about a time, possibly near the end, of major construction projects in Israel.  This would be necessary to allow the remnant to return to Israel.  Isaiah 44 is quite specific and highlights the following construction activities: 

·         Jerusalem:  rebuilding and inhabitation (population growth), with Israel casting off, at least for a time, the international restrictions on construction activity.

·         Cities of Judah:  raising up the ruins of Judah cities, possibly including restoring damage from war and terror.

·         The temple:  laying of the foundation of the temple, with the full rebuilding of the temple in the first part of Daniel’s 70th week.    

When could this happen?  Israel’s war with its neighbours (Psalm 83: 14, 15)?

‘As fire consumes the forest, and as the flame sets the mountains ablaze, 15So pursue and afflict them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your tornado or hurricane.

The Amplified Bible (first copyrighted in 1954) translates Psalm 83, verse 15 as terrifying them with Your judgment - tornado or hurricane.  How unlikely is this link from the United States to the imminent war in Psalm 83?  These weather events (tornadoes and hurricanes) are mainly associated with the unique geography of the United States, although tornados are now more widely reported in other countries as occurring as part of a storm/stormy wind.  Nevertheless, a judgment on the United States could happen at around the same time as Psalm 83, especially if the United States supports dividing up the land of Israel/Jerusalem.  There is a hint of judgment (drought) even in Isaiah 44:27 - I will dry up your rivers.  

What could this mean for Israel and the United States?

An (astonishing) Israeli victory (Psalm 83/Isaiah 17) could open the doors for Israel to shake off the shackles holding back construction and development and build up (natural) Zion for the Return of the King!  Obama could stand up in apparent support for Israel, but his underlying motives may be more of world domination.  Israel is God’s clock, and the church is on a parallel road of restoration - we should expect the Rapture at any time, regardless of events that may yet be in the headlights for Israel, the United States and the world.  The role of the United States in the end time remains somewhat veiled, and the man from the East may address a little of this mystery. 

Whether the man from the East is a forerunner of the Antichrist, or the beast himself, is for me an unanswered question (I tend to view Europe/Middle East  as the home of Antichrist).  The following summary of the man from the East prophecy highlights some interesting aspects:

·         Obama from Hawaii qualifies as from the East (longitude)

·         Close to the Jerusalem latitude

·         Ravenous bird: Obama is the first African American President

·         Obama is the 44th President (Isaiah 44) prophesies about construction in Judah, Jerusalem and  laying the foundation for the temple

·         The super bowl was the 46th (Isaiah 46 speaks of the man from the East) - New York Giants, from the East, won with an Eli as the most valued player)

·         The man who executes God’s counsel from a far country - could also refer to the United Nations with its current headquarters in New York.

·         The following chapter (Isaiah 47) is addressed to the virgin daughter of Babylon, and many consider this to prophesy of judgment on the United States.

·         Only since 1959, when Hawaii became part of the United States, could this man from the East prophecy be fulfilled.

My apologies for this quite long letter - hope it helps some Doves.  There are some other aspects of this and I hope to follow up this letter.

Maranatha!  Denis