Denis Hart (29 Feb 2012)
"Australian Signs - Fire and Rain"

Australian Signs - Fire and Rain

In the natural Australia has, in recent years, gone through a transformation from a very long and widespread drought to record-breaking rains - and more rain is falling (in Canberra, as I write).  The news often refers to floods of Biblical proportions.  God speaks through signs in the natural world around us, but the questions are:  what do these signs indicate and do the signs give any hints at the timeline for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Rapture?

Rain on the Rock (Uluru) - Climate Change in Australia?

Before looking at these questions, I would like to draw Doves attention to one of the most inspirational natural signs in Australia - rain on Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock).  Australia's iconic Uluru is barely recognisable in a series of photographs taken during  torrential rain in late 2010.  For local photographer Peter Carroll, it was a 20 year wait to capture rain on the rock.  The link to the photos is: (or google ‘Rain on Uluru”).  The excitement of the photographer is palpably evident in the following article (first link below).  For those interested in the weather, the second link is to the current satellite photo, showing rain across Australia (the general Australian Bureau of Meteorology website is

Isaiah 41:18  I will open rivers on the bare heights, and fountains in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

Two Australian Fires - exactly 42 years apart

I noted in a previous Doves letter (27 February - link below) that two major fire tragedies in Australia occurred exactly 42 years apart:  Hobart - 7 February 1967 (four months before the liberation of Jerusalem on 7 June 1967) and Victoria on 7 February 2009.  Now I know that Israel is God’s time clock, but these events are signs that reinforce the imminence of His Return.  I live with the expectation of the imminent Rapture, but the desire of my heart is also to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, in Australia and across the world.

The number 42 speaks of the Coming of the Lord, and 7 February is 7*2 or 14.  If a timeline was anchored at the Black Tuesday (Hobart) fire on 7 February 1967, and highlighted by the Black Saturday (Victoria) fire on 7 February 2009, then we may be fast approaching a critical/turning point for the church, Israel and the world.  One simplistic way of looking at this is to ask a riddle: how far can you run through a forest seven kilometres wide?  The best answer is 31/2 kilometres - after that you are running out - you have passed the turning point!

Looking ahead - Markers in Time!

Three years have now passed since the Victorian bushfire, and 31/2 years have passed since Rosh Hashana 2008 and the 777.7 one day drop in the Dow (a critical marker in time).  If there is to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh, as prophesied by Joel, then this may broadly mirror the time of Jesus ministry (around three years).  There are likely to be phases of the outpouring (the Rain of Fire vision, for example, indicates this - link below).

If we add three years to February 2012 we arrive at the next Sabbath - starting in 2015, and then the Jubilee year starting in February 2016.  If we ‘fit’ an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in before this, we become almost walled in - the almost inescapable conclusion that we are at the threshold of the Day of the Lord - He is at the Door!  As noted, this is just an Australian timeline, but the tetrads in 2014-15 and the overwhelming signs we see around us point strongly to the next few months as a sharp acceleration of God’s Eternal Purposes, and a fast forwarding to the Rapture!  And rapid preparation for the final seven years (Daniel’s week) for Israel!    

Spiritual Rain on the Radar - Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I have mused much about this outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and parallel end time events in Israel and the world, and the following are just my thoughts, albeit based on my meditation on the Word of God and prophetic insight from many wonderful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ (Five Doves has certainly guided me in this journey).  The timing of the Rapture, for me, is in principle a mystery and could fit anywhere in these phases of the end time events.

Repentance (John the Baptist ministry - Prepare the Way of the Lord!)

Revival, accompanied by supernatural signs, and lives being turned around

Persecution of the move of the Holy Spirit, and emergence of the False Revival (including kingdom theology or replacement theology - the narrow path for those who support Israel!)

Regeneration:  I believe (whether we are still here or not), the Psalm 83 war/victory will vindicate those who are prepared to stand with Israel!

Late breaking news: flood warnings, for record rain in some regions, and - just on the news tonight, Sydney’s main dam (Waragamba) is expected to spill over in the next few days - for the first time in almost 14 years!

Get ready for the rain!  Get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!