Denis Hart (1  Feb 2012)
"Dr Owuor in Canberra"

Dr Owuor in Canberra (26 to 29 January 2012)

Come, let us return to the Lord (Hosea 6:1)

This meeting was planned to be held in Melbourne, but in the eternal purposes of Christ Jesus it was moved to Canberra (meeting place), the capital and heart of the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit.  I attended four of the seven sessions, and these incorporated some great praise and worship (including some in Kenyan) as well as excellent preaching (around two hours per session).  Interestingly, the meetings were free and no collections were taken up.  The majority of the audience were black Africans, especially from Kenya, and I was a little conspicuous because of my merely suntanned appearance and the more casual clothes Australians like me typically wear.

 I found the meetings very enriching and, for those interested, I have put together some gleanings.  I have done this with as much integrity as possible, but I acknowledge that my words may not always accurately convey what was presented.  Not all the preaching is covered, and it is not in chronological order.  So, here goes - gleanings from a man of God who is passionate about the Rapture!  Dr Owuor talks about conversations he has had, but I call these visions.  He references these to the Bible - and clearly has a great understanding of the whole Word of God!   I have added a few comments (in brackets, with Denis as introduction).  Dr Ouwor’s website is:


Imminence of the Rapture

AT that time [of the end]...there shall be a time of trouble and distress.. But 2many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake: 3And the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness [shall give forth light] like the stars forever and ever. (Daniel 12:1-3)

This was a key introductory message - the Rapture is coming, but repentance can bring a revival with a wonderful promise that we will shine eternally.  Dr Owuor in a vision has seen the church in its glory in Heaven.  God’s people in countries like Australia need to grasp the importance of how our (your) nation will enter Eternity - the nation reflects the Church in that nation!  (Denis: the main prediction/indication given about the nearness of the Rapture, albeit not its timing, was the signs of the coming of the horses into the Earth).  Dr Ouwor - only the Father knows the day and hour. 

Midnight Hour - Vision of the Golden Clock

 The overall theme of all the meetings was simple: Jesus is saying I AM COMING!  His vision of the wedding rings shouts out that the final preparations are being made.  In a vision, Dr Owuor was gazing to the East at a black sky when a golden clock came down - the hour/minute hand was on 11.59 (midnight not noon!) - and the thin red second hand was moving quickly!  The Messiah is coming as midnight!   

Midnight Hour - the Passover

With a strong anointing, Dr Owuor then linked the midnight hour with the midnight hour for the Passover in Egypt.  The Egyptians had added burdens to God’s people (Denis: cruel benchmarks), and God raised up Moses, and spoke to Moses.  A core message that he felt God wanted to bring to Australia is: are you covered with the blood!  Each Israel family had to look for and  prepare a lamb - Jesus is the Father’s perfect lamb, without defect, prepared for us!  (John 1:29) The lamb was eaten with bitter herbs, and no yeast.  Jesus came without sin, and left without sin! 

The Cross is the Heart

The core Truth is that the blood covers, and washes away all sin, and any sin - power to deliver from darkness to light.  Jesus’ was the ultimate, and once for all time, sacrifice!  Dr Owuor noted specific sins, highlighting that sexual sin is against the body, and of special importance.  The bitter herbs of the Passover - remember the suffering!  We also need to be prepared to be rejected, as He was.  Jesus spoke about the MIDNIGHT HOUR!  (Matthew 25:1-13).       

Oil (the Holy Spirit) in our jars

Dr Ouwor highlighted the waters to swim in (Ezekiel 47: 1-6), and the latter day outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  He made a very poignant point: in the difficult times leading up to the Rapture, we will need an added anointing of the Holy Spirit to sustain our salvation!  The wise virgins took oil in jars to make sure they would be ready for the Coming Messiah.  There will be no time to buy oil - the foolish virgins will attempt to plunder the oil of the wise virgins!  (Denis: our jar of oil cannot be shared - each person must prepare oil for the Messiah!).  He is looking for vessels, for the oil and wine of the Holy Spirit, who will move the heart of God (Denis: for us, for Australia!).  (1 Corinthians 15: 51-58 ín the twinkling of an eye!)  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God!  TIME IS OVER

Two churches

The hour of separation has come, with the flow of the anointing of the Holy Spirit - genuine versus false oil.  The Holy Spirit in the church reveals Christ, and the importance of repenting from the spectrum of sexual and other sin that has infiltrated the body of Christ.  The church is the rod of correction in the land (Denis: great promise in Psalm 125:3  For the sceptre of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous).  The gate is open for the church, but the way is narrow.  The strong message given to Dr Ouwor is: I am coming, I am coming, I am coming!  In a vision he was lifted up, witnessed an earthquake and saw glorious bodies coming out of the dust of the Earth, glory from above and people entering the glory of the Lord!  

While not being overly predictive in presentation, Dr Ouwor highlighted the many signs, including heavenly signs and the weather, that were signalling the imminence of His Return and revival in countries like Australia, including unprecedented earthquakes.  The remarkable Comet McNaught was discovered by an Australian (Denis: as was Comet Lovejoy!)  Just before going to the Saturday night meeting, the news showed the devastation that the weather is causing to the Gold Coast beaches).  One interesting reference was Job 28: 20-28, about getting Wisdom.  Church in Australia is the instrument of God - prepare church for coming of Messiah!

Jesus’ pivotal prophecy

Dr Ouwor strongly emphasised that Jesus’ second coming prophecy (Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21) was pivotal - the ‘greatest prophecy in the Bible!  He pointed out that John did not need to include it in his gospel - the expanded version is in the Book of Revelation.  In Matthew 24 - the disciples asked Jesus privately.  The prophecy was given on the Mount of Olives - the place He will return to!  Our redemption on the cross will not be complete until the church enters heaven.  Jesus warned strongly (to the disciples) of deception, wars and rumours of wars, and famines and earthquakes in place after place (albeit not in all nations).  Dr Ouwor highlighted the importance of repentance for nations – for example, he prophesied on 20 January 2009 that God would shake Chile, and the Concepcion earthquake occurred on 27 February 2010.

The white, black and red horses

Dr Ouwor had visions of the coming of the Messiah, and vivid pictures of the coming of the horses in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 6).  The preaching on this was with a strong anointing, but I can provide just a brief synopsis (on three of the four horses):

White horse: the rider of this is the Antichrist, with a crown and a bow (Denis: his desire is for people to worship him, or to bow to him, as Satan wanted Jesus to do).  The rightful rider of the white horse is pictured in Revelation 19: 11-13, and He has many crowns!  (Denis:  the deception of the white horse, including deception in the house/church, is the warning from Jesus to us).

Black horse with white mane:  this I found most interesting.  The black horse speaks of an economic crisis, and Dr Ouwor says that another (second bout of the) global financial crisis is coming.  (Denis: the white mane - anagram of name - on the black horse could be interpreted, in part, as the club of high level government, political, religious and business leaders who support the Antichrist (Denis: the DAVOS World Economic Forum in Switzerland was also held in late January 2012).   

Red horse:  speaks of bloodshed, such as the unrest in the Arab world in the past year.  Dr Owuor also spoke of a vision of a nuclear attack on Iran (two missiles), with a huge explosion, and an angry response from the Arab world (Denis: the columns/pillars of smoke in Joel 2:30 is a rarely used word for palm trees - shape of nuclear cloud).  He emphasised that he did not know whether this attack was pre or post Rapture - but we need to prepare!.  Only the Lord knows the clock of our (individual) lives.

Revival and creative miracles

The revival and miracles happening in Kenya are remarkable - huge crowds gather, even days before meetings.  Fasting is a vital part of preparation. There have been outstanding creative miracles - one that he mentioned was a woman healed of a four year blood flow!  Schools of blind and deaf children are taken to meetings.  How much of this revival will we, in our nations, see before the Rapture.  Dr Owuor  highlighted the command given in Revelation 6:6:  do not hurt the oil and wine (both symbols of the Holy Spirit) - the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the true Church (context of very high price/scarcity of  food),. 

Summary and 28 January thoughts

Apologies for this rather long letter - I have not covered all of the messages, and the anointing of the preaching.  I believe Dr Ouwor’s visit to Canberra is in the Eternal Purposes of God, and covered the 26 to 29 January 2012 period (there was a final meeting on Sunday - I missed this as I attended my own church).  Great preaching from the Word of God, including some hidden gems.  Attendance at the meetings (sadly) reflected the state of our nation - very well supported by Kenyans, but with limited response by almost all local churches.  At the other end of the extreme, around 2.4 million Australians watched the men’s final of the Australian tennis open into the early hours of Monday morning!

This six hour match was reviewed as perhaps the best tennis match of all time - but the greatest battle is darkness versus light, good versus evil, Christ versus Antichrist - and Christ is coming as our Conqueror!  Interestingly, 128 men and 128 women start off in the tennis grand slam events.  And perhaps there is still time for Australia and other nations to repent and experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit - by putting the cross first in our lives, and in the nation.  Maranatha  Denis

God’s love match for the world:  tennis