David Daughtrey (6 Feb 2012)
"To Dayana: Doves: Request for the 15 visions"

              Brothers and sisters in Christ:
                 Last week I recieved many e-mails requesting me to share all I was given. No problem I
              can handle the rejection that will be. The reason I've held back from all of them is because
              half of them were personal answers to me and about my family. I'll surely be accused of
              bragging or boasting.. which I am not.Then delete me immediately. Just remember everyone
              has a reward waiting for them in heaven. And I no theres many, many more that has a greater
              reward than mine. Remember what Jesus said, NO GREATER MAN THAN JOHN THE BAPTIST.
              Whats waiting for me is very little compared too.. Adrian Rogers, David Wilkerson,J Vernin
              McGee,Billy Graham and many many more. They have led hundreds of thousands to the Lord,
              I call myself ( the least of thee ) I call myself the most unworthy . Any way Monday 13th will
              be the day I'll start, If the Lord allows. Maybe 2 or 3 a day, I'm only a one finger operator.
              Anyway  God Bless everyone see you next week...             Brother David