David Daughtrey (2 Feb 2012)
"Re: Dayana Out Pouring Confirmation plus You will return during Tribulation ( witnessing)"

       Hello Sister Dayana:
          Thank you very much for your acknowledgement..You are 100% correct about coming back
       after the rapture to ( Witness every event of the Tribulation and to witness personally to trib-
      ulation saints ) most of us will be invisible unless directed  to do his will. We can only watch what
      happens. Two visions out of the 15 showed me that. I'll  leave my e-mail address at the end of this
      letter if your interested in hearing about them. I don't want to bore anybody that doesn't believe
      me here.
         Now getting back to the Pouring Out Vision.. This is how it started. All visions were during prayer
     (awake) on my knee's . The first rapture event Vision was The big copper @ bronze Sphere in the
     sky, followed by the appearing two  huge asteroids, then the lights go out world wide, that was the
     first night sequence.. The next night was the Out pouring fire.. This is how it happened..While praying
    instantly was taken high above the earth, startled with being in outer space ,and still able to breathe
    which you no is not possible. however I looked below me and seen what looked like our earth, but
    wasn't sure, I'd never been above the north pole, then I begin to drift out and away from the earth,
    then I recognized the US and South America. Then suddenly a upside down fire began to come down
    or pour out real slow from the heavens above, it came down as slow as cold honey being poured out,
    Then I begin to realize to me they looked like horses huff's , I watched it come all the way down to the
     top of the earth and start to spread out. Thats when the vision ended. Now we can thank brother
     John Tng for installing the vision with the coming down sequence. I'm not that smart..
       Now from remembering reading the bible, the cloven tongues of fire came down on one building ,
    containing the new church.. This came down on the whole earth, the church flesh now is from here to
    China and etc. Ok, now this pouring out vision happened between  the Sphere and the rapture itself,
   sometime while the electricty's out just before the rapture was the sequence. It is Act 2:17
      Now I told several christian friends this vision , Oh no that wasn't that it already happened at pentecost,
   Two no it all preachers said the same thing, I give up and put it on the self too.
      The big arguement is when is the last days, some may say 100 years ago , the vision shows the last week
   or so, of course every one has there on belief. But I do no it will happen before the rapture. Like I said,
   I'll share two visions with you, confirming we're coming back during the tribulation to administer too and
   witness the awful events.  you can contact me    david_daughtrey@msn.com   thats david ...underscore
  daughtrey        God Bless and take care                                       brother David