David Daughtrey (18 Feb 2012)
"Vision : (12)  Part 1   Vision of second Outpouring"

Subject: Vision : (12) Part 1 Vision of second Outpouring
                                                        Vision of Second Outpouring ( Part 1 )
                As soon as the lights went out on earth, I was stricken with great stress from the holy spirit. Stress, Chaos
                and terror. Living in Florida my whole like I've experienced two hurricanes  with a direct hit, two weeks
                without electricity, shock and stress starts in the morning after. You watch people slowly  fall a part mentally
                People that live hear no what I'm talking about. Now with the destruction inside a certain area , you can at
                least go outside the area and get help or supplies, but when the electricity is off world wide , people are
                going to go crazy. For instance New York city a few years ago had a power outage for a week , people didn't
                loose it because , they could get in there car and drive across the George Washington bridge into Jersey and
                get supplies. But this  time, there wont be a place to go, No phones or cell phones for law enforcement for
                protection. Thats why I said two to three weeks. After the Asteroids  and lights out came the  Out Pouring fire
                coming down, That was my sign or vision for relief of the diaster that was to come. That will be Vision of Second
                Out Pouring  ( Part 2 )