David Daughtrey (18 Feb 2012)
"Vision : (11th)  Object and twin Asteroids"

Subject: Vision : (11th) Object and twin Asteroids
                                                         Vision : (11th) Object and twin Asteroids
                          Again, while praying, I was taken up high above the earth,cyrstal clear, no polution
                          just floating there, staring at the galaxy, waiting for something to happen, then I
                          noticed one star blinking more than the rest, then I realized it was getting bigger and
                          bigger, Ok that means it's coming towards me, and if it don't stop it will run right
                          over me. It was moveing fast. I then made out it was a ball shaped sphere,finally it
                          stopped not far from me . Then I seen it was a copper or bronze in color, some kind
                          of metal, but it was made in sections, and these sections were held together with old
                          steam boiler rivets, thats the best I could describe it. I can't tell you how big it was,
                          because there was nothing behind it measure it by, Ok it didn't do anything just sat
                          there. I guess about 20 or 30 seconds later ,the whole object picture moved fast to the
                          left, just like an old  fashion slide projector. Then instantly I was again looking into
                          outer space, again one little star started blinking , the same thing happen,but this time
                          it was two asteroids ( twins ) travelling side by side but one was a little behind the other.
                          There shape reminded me of cucumbers.instead of stopping like the object,they kept
                          moving across in front of me , then I seen they were heading towards the sun, then I
                          seen the lights going out on the earth.