David Daughtrey (17 Feb 2012)
"Vision :  (9)   Throne Chair.....The 10th will be held to the Last"

Subject: Vision : (9) Throne Chair.....The 10th will be held to the Last
                                                                                Vision : (9)  Throne  Chair
                                For you to understand the meaning of this vision, you need to know were I'm coming from.
                                Born in 1947, the first five years of my life ,my parents and I lived with my great ,great
                                grandmother, she had to be taken care of. I can't remember any toys , we were poor also.
                                But she had three wooden rocking chairs, I loved them rockers, every day I'd rock all day,
                                even slept in them . All my life I'd tell everybody ,when I get old , I'm gonna get me a rocker
                                and rock till I die. Yes, I got one now.
                                   Now time for the vision, while praying again, I was face to face with a big white cloud ,
                               after about ten seconds ,I began to see something in the center of it ,I kept straining to see
                               what it was, slowly it became clearer and clearer, it begin to look like a chair, a rocking chair
                               I told myself MAN this is crazy,what on earth would he be showing me wooden rocking chair,
                               But then it began to take a different shape . It also began to glow yellow  gold , it looked like
                              real fine woven gold, The back reminded me of the tail feathers of the pea-cock bird, I'm
                              talking about the design( fine gold also). I suddenly began to float towards it slowly  and I
                              went all the way around it and back to the front, this time there was a white glowing blurry
                              spot on top of it , I could make out it was a crown ,but wasn't allowed to see the fine details.
                              It was as if you were watching a drug bust on tv ,and they had the undercover officer's face
                              blurred out. Can you begin to imagine, how much more awesome the reward will be for brother
                             David Wilkerson, J Vernon McGee, Biily Graham, Adrain Rodgers and many more, all the hundreds
                             of thousands of souls won to the Lord. I'm just sharing not bragging..
                             The tenth vision will be saved to the Last, Its the most awesome, unbelieveable,controversial and
                             God the Father made a way were there was no way ( another one of his Miracle's ) I've only told
                             3 people in the last 16 years for fear of ridicule or mockery, I know within my heart and soul some-
                             one else out there has seen the same thing, maybe not in the same way,but the same person.