David Daughtrey (16 Feb 2012)
"Visions : (7)  (8) of the (15)"

  Vision : (7)                                            
                    I came home from work one day to have lunch with my famiy, after eating, I decided to step
                    into my bed room for a little prayer, I prayed multiple times every day. When I finished I stood
                    up an glanced out of my window, Everything I could see outside my window was Dead Brown,
                    I said to my self What on Earth has just happened, every green thing was brown dead. The
                    pines, oaks, grass,nothing was green. As far as I could see. I was not shown what did it. I did
                    know that I only recieved a piece of the puzzle, Someone else was shown what is going to happen.
                    So I've been watching and listening for someone to speak up. If it matters I live, 100 miles south
                    of Tampa ,Fla.
                                                                                  Vision : (8)
                   I got home late from work one night,Blessed my supper, Jumped into the shower,because I had
                   to get back up at 6:00am. I had just rinsed off,and started to step out of the shower,with one foot
                   in and one out. When the lights went out, Ahh, man,I didn't need this, a power outage, well I'll
                   just stand still and wait a few minutes , maybe they'll come back on. I waited and waited and waited
                   It seemed like 10 minutes or more.I then said to myself Lord I need some lights. After a second or
                   two more, something started happening, We all have a circular field of vision, on the out side edge
                   light started appearing, like a solar eclipse, This big black inner circle started shrinking , revealing
                   more and more. The ceiling at the top of my eyesite, my feet at the bottom, but still black in the
                   center, but the black spot was still slowly shrinking. Then I started making out something huge and
                   hairy in front of me . I said to my self, this is crazy, because I wasn't praying ,so I wasn't expecting
                   anything strange to happen . But the black circle was going fast now. Then I began to make out
                   this was a huge alive Lion starring at me eye to eye, I was stunned, afraid to move, then I noticed
                   it did have a peacefull look in its eyes. I still didn't move.  After about 8 or ten seconds it vanished,
                   My mind was yelling at me A LION, A LION, A LION I ran to get my bible ,still wet, with towel over
                   my shoulders, I was the only one up. Opened it up to the index, ran my finger down , there Lion
                   Of The tribe of Judah.. Folks I was in shock, I mean how many living Lions do you see in your
                   bath room every day. I'd prayed every day for two years to see what Jesus really looked like and if
                   I would live to see the Rapture. This was another personal vision . Maybe this was a solar eclipse
                   he showed me, and we would see him face to face after it was over. I don't know and I'm not