David Daughtrey (16 Feb 2012)
"To: Brother Frank  Molver"

Brother Frank:
                    I thank you for your kind words and acknowledgment. I like your good common sense and
                reasoning. You have read the book and been down the road. The bible says pray to the Holy
                Spirit for guidence and understanding and you have, I can tell. He doesn't tell us everything
                we want to know , but he will tell us what we need to know.
                    Cocerning my brother, It kinda scares me that 16 years ago he showed me my brother was
                not going in thge rapture with me. He Knew he was not going to change his ways. I know my
                brother, the day or night that object shows up is when he'll fall on his knees and start begging.
                I just hope and pray I won't be around to see it. The only good thing is I believe he will make it
                to heaven . Hopefully our Father won't make us watch our love ones suffer during the trib.
                   I also believe Nicole Poons visions concerning the UFO's , for the life of me, I can't understand
               why Jesus or Father God would let UFO's get involved in the rapture . Surely he must know the
               Anti Christ bunch and the New World Order crew would say see there, it was the UFO's not your
               Jesus that took the people. But the lukewarm left behind will say why did they take the bones
               from the graves. The bible speaks about a strong delusion being sent. Maybe this is it.
               Thank you again for opinion..                            brother David