David Daughtrey (15 Feb 2012)
"Visions 5 and 6 plus one from an old friend"

         Vision No. 5:  Little Jewish Girl Sealed
          One night while praying, I was instantly transported, in the spirit to a desert place, not in America
          I found myself standing on a giant round flat boulder, about four feet off the ground,many others
          were around also .When I lifted my eyes back up from looking at the ground,there stood a little
          Jewish girl. About 13 or 14 years of age, Her dress and the color of it told me was Jewish, Long
          pleted blue and white dress to her knees. She had a pony tail. I knew then this place was some
          where in Israel. She was standing facing me,about fifteen feet away. She was a little to the left of
          me, She was smiling looking at someone to my left behind me, With the angle tilt of her head ,she
          was looking at someone at least one foot taller than me ( I'm 6ft 2 inch) Then suddenly a seal
          appeared on or in the skin,embeded  any way. In the center of her forehead, again it was either
          bronze or copper color. It was about the diameter of a dime, It had a design on it but to far away
          to make it out. WOW! now I'm getting excited, who is she looking at. I tried to turn my head to see
          this All powerful person who had done this , I could not turn my head, or neck I wasn't allowed.
          End of Vision.                           
                                                 Vision No. 6: Patriarch buried in a Cave
          Again praying before bed, I was instantly taken some where ( I would like to say Abraham country)
          I arrived at a dark place, and stood still, gradually my eyes began to see a little bit , then a little more
          and more. Then I began to see it was a room, rock wall and ceiling, hand chipped ,like with a hammer
          and  chisel . Basically a cave..As soon as I recognized it was a cave, a fairly large crack opened up across
          the roof or ceiling and that  same bright blue light came down in the center floor in front of me.
          seconds later a little white  cross appeared ,about three feet tall.. instantly I said to myself who is it?
          Look for a name on the cross, I tried but the cross was already glowing to bright white. Back to my
          room. Then I realized something , If I was raised at the first Fruits Rapture this old Patriarch wasn't
          raised until the second rapture at the end of the trib. Every preacher I told this to said NO,NO, NO
          we all go. Well about 5 years later ,I read a bible study done by either David Levy or Ronald Showers
          of the THE FRIENDS OF ISREAL gospel ministry.  He showed the chapter, that said the old testament
          saints would rise at the end of the trib. Needless to say I don't argue any more, believe what they want.
                                                          VISION:  Future Earth Quake in Fla.
          This vision was not mine, It was from an dear old Christian Lady friend years ago, she had came home
          from church one sunday, and had finished lunch, stood in her living room, gazing  out her front window
          when all of a sudden everything she was looking at vanished, she said she was instantly inside a white
          cloud. Startled, she didn't move, after a few seconds the clouds seem to thin out beneath her. She said
          she started to see something below the cloud, it was a city, the more she studied it she came to realize
          it was the town she lived in (my old Home Town)(Arcadia,Florida) she recognized the streets and buildings
          then seconds later a huge crack ran down main street all the way through the middle of town. She seen
          and watched the cars bounce around, buildings collapse,dust and dirt rose above the town. it lasted a few
          more seconds then it ended.. She told only her family, they told her to tell others, she said no way, they
          would call me a crazy old woman, because Florida is not a earth quake state. No way. I had known this
          elderly lady ,but never new she had seen this vision , her son in law is the one that told me. How ever
          he said about six months after her vision ,he happened to walk by his TV one night and there was a short
          documentary on the only known  earth quakes to ever hit Florida. Somewhere in North Fla. back during
          the civil war the ground shook for a few minutes, and rolled some cannon shot off a rack. The next little
          bump hit around St. Augustine in the 1900's,nothing happened. Then they showed a deep, deep crack
          that started out around Miami,went all the way up through the middle of Fla. (yes threw Arcadia) It went
          all the way to the states capitol. They said no  worry its thousands of feet deep, it was made 50,000,000
          years ago, no future problem.. It was discovered around the early nineteen hundreds by oil test drillers
          while exploring for oil. By the offset of the limestone bedrock of the east and west coast test sites. I do
          believe in my heart she will come back and many many others will witness this in realtime also, Right
          along with the other wrath events. However you are free to believe any way you want too. Your Choice.
                                                     God Bless All Of You                                Brother David