David Daughtrey (14 Feb 2012)
"The Third and Fourth of the 15 visions"

Third Vision received
              The third vision started as the rest did (while praying) before bed. I was transported in the spirit
               to some desert , I felt like somewhere in Israel, I was standing at the end of a huge ,wide and
               miles long river, the water was blue I'd never seen before, This water looked like it was alive, I
               really don't know how to describe it. As I was standing there at bank of the river, it started over
               flowing and running around my feet. I didn't have any special feeling. There were very few palm
               trees at the end of the lake were I was. However I looked far away in the distance up the river
               and seen a city, it was not a modern city with tall buildings , it was too far away. This city did look
               like it might of been on the banks of this mighty river. But it was too far in the distance for me to
               tell for sure. An no it didn't look like a golden city.I was just to far away. And then it ended. I told
               several christian friends and pastors ,that I felt that would might believe me. Each one just new the
               answer, however I never felt satisfied with there answer . My spirit never gave me peace with there
               theory. I do know that river was LIVING WATER. Untill this day, I don't have a clue. Ok this was
               another personal vision , that your probably bored, this was one of the 15.
                                                                  Fourth Vision recieved
               This was a really really personal vision, about a family member,my only flesh and blood brother, I had
                too do some serious heart searching before releasing this vision, Its been long and painfull  years
                knowing whats coming down the road for my brother. I do believe with this vision you will be able to
                see exactly were your love ones will be come rapture time. You can beg and plead until your eyes bleed
                Gods rules stay,  Hears the story and the Vision, My brother pulled the same tricks almost like the bibles
                Jacob, our whole life, he was and still is a wheeler dealer, money and the most toys was his every breath.
                We've tried several business 's but his greed distroyed them over and over. In 1994 the Lord called me to
                turn my life around. And I told you so with much pain. My first person other than my wife and boys was my
                brother I wanted to get saved. I still loved him with all the hurt he had done to me.  Finally got him to listen
                too some John Hagee tapes , They really started opening his eyes plus what I'd shown him in the bible.
                He finally proclaimed Jesus his saviour  about a year later, baptised and all. We went to church together
                prayed together. He tithed, gave money to the needy (alms) but still if he got a chance to make and extra buck
                 on sunday thats were he went. He would sell some equiptment and lie about its condition. He said it was just
                 business , he said alms according to the bible covers a multitude of little sins. I told him I didn't think so.
                 How ever about the middle of the following year (1996) he came to me and said he had started a new business
                 and informed me the Holy Spirit told him to make me an equal owner, I'd have to do all the work because he
                 was busy with his first company.  I told him I'd have to pray on this, I remembered our past dealings, I prayed
                 and prayed over and over for seven days, got no answer at all , him bugging me every day, Finally shook my
                 head and said ok , we were supposed to split everything down the middle after cost of operation , very little
                 overhead. Each week went by still no dividing the profit, I kept double books and turned in the money  each
                 week. He kept making excuses why we couldn't settle up. I kept praying day and night why lord didn't you
                 answer my prayers about our partnership. I told my wife the fourth week I was gone. Now he was still going to
                 our church and titheing I could'nt sit with him no longer. I'd stopped asking God why, You knew what was going
                 to happen. Well that night when I just started praying, I was put inside a big white cloud ,It was hollow inside
                 I was like at the end of it stareing accross the empty room ,when suddenly my brother came walking through
                 the cloud wall, he was about twenty feet away from me ,he was dressed in his usual clothes, levi's, boots and
                 western shirt, But the biggest surprise,  was his face , he wasn't but 30 years of age when he was
                 really 45. He looked at me face to face , He acted supprised at what he was seeing but didn't recognize me at all
                 I could tell he didn't know who he was looking at. After a few seconds he jerked his head as if he heard a voice
                 or command to leave the room, he turned and walked out threw the cloud wall. vision over. I was really trying to
                 under stand the vision . About a week later ,I bumped into a pastor friend of mine an told him about the vision
                 Now this pastor doesn't believe in the pre-trib rapture. And right away he seen the understanding, He said I see
                 Your already in heaven, your brother comes to heaven not wareing a bridal gown . He didn't go in the rapture.
                  I was surprised, shocked, stunned and hurt I did pray over an over to the lord, I haven't never recieved a word
                  about God changeing his mind. Finally I told my brother about the vision , I told him you got to change your
                  ways I pleaded with him. Of course he got mad at me and didn't talk for a week, then he came around and told
                  me that Moses got God to change his mind on the mountain about wipeing out the golden calf worshipers . And
                  thief on the cross asked for forgiveness at the last minute and was saved. Folks my brother is still living the same
                  life he has always lived , hes going to church every sunday ,titheing,charity watching every sermon on tv,  still
                  living and having sex with his girlfriend, If you have a family member doing this , I feel sorry for you also, Whether
                  you accept this or not THEY ARE NOT GOING IN THE RAPTURE WITH YOU, MAY BE LATER,I'M SORRY!