David Daughtrey (13 Feb 2012)
"First and Second of the 15 Visions"

First Vision
         While on my Knees praying , I was instantly surrounded by flames of fire,the flames were as tall as me
         some were even taller as they danced, They were as far as I could see. I was terror filled never before
         had I seen such a thing. It instantly  came to my mine this has to be Satans work ,trying to stop me
         from praying. I said go away Satan your not stopping me from praying, but the flames didn't leave and
        I got scared, I jumped into bed still in shock as to what had just happened. My wife said , My that was a
       short one, I told her if she had just seen what I seen ,she'd made a short one too. All day long the next
       day I convinced myself that wouldn't happen again, Besides that I new I hadn't done a thing wrong.
         But the next night it did, this time Satan was not going to win, I wasn't going to budge, And I didn't.
       As I stood staring back at the flames ,suddenly a path opened up,that went way off in the distance as far
       as I could see, As best I could make out My lifes road was to be countless fiery trails. And it has been..
          Now this has been a personal vision , I really can't see anybody learning anything from this, If I had held
     back and not told the 15 visions I would of been accused of not having them.
                                                                   Second  Vision
       The second vision on the third night,started out the same way,while praying ,instantly was taken up high
     into white clouds, I was floating threw them like in a plane ride, after about ten seconds or so, I came out of
     them.Clear blue sky ahead, then I began to notice what looked like a bird in the sky ahead of me,it was getting
     closer and closer, bigger and bigger, I live in Florida where I've seen lots of eagles all my life, I recognized
     the way it was flapping its wings this was an eagle also, Then I seen that this eagle was going to collide with
     me head on . By now this eagle had like a twelve foot wingspan and getting closer and bigger , I'm starting to
    get scared now ,this bird was huge like small plane, We're fixing to hit any second, I was holding onto my bed
    with all my might. God made this vision and all of them very,very real. Instantly I found myself on the back of this
    giant bird. Wind in my face and all, something made me want to look over and beneath this bird. Below was
    breath taking , we were flying over mountains and valleys and rivers , the mountains even had snow on the tops
    there were many of them. Then it ended,  I didn't realize then that months and years in front of me would be
    two heart attacks, bankruptcy and a failed marriage , I now realize it was Gods Holy Spirit carrying me threw the
    hard times.  Again , I don't no if any of this will do you any good, but if you've made it threw some hard times, you
    can thank Gods Holy Spirit. Hes the only one that can help you.