Coulby Dunn (8 Feb 2012)
"Prophetic Dream"

Greetings to all doves in the name of Yahushua!
I had this dream on February 7, 2012:
I got the sense I was out west in the US, perhaps in Denver.  I dreamed all the governors of the individual states were together with a lot of other people in line to get food.  These governors were facilitating things and they all had the mark of the beast.  I dreamed that I was tricked into "paying" for the mark and it said right on the receipt - "MARK REAL ID BEAST," those exact words.  When I saw this, I ran out of there without receiving the mark; I also knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything.
I remember that all of the people in the dream who had the mark were totally empty - there was "no one home."  I remember telling these people that I "would rather starve than receive this mark."  I remember that my mom had taken the mark and how heartbroken I was.  Then my alarm went off!
Please, beloved people, never EVER take the mark of the beast!