Clay Cantrell (18 Feb 2012)
"The Sons of Merari & The Tabernacle Boards (White Rooms dream)"

Readers -

please see my other two posts on The White Rooms dream from 3.23.2010.

First mention in the Bible of Jared (Gen 5:15 total verse gematria of 2600) and Strong's 2600g are a match.

Strong's 2600h was also a match, but you have to read my otherpsots to find out.

I think you can go further still -

2600 x 10 = 26000.

verse 26000 =
Luke 24:8"And they remembered his words," ...

doesn't appear to be a match, or rather a conceptual link in the chain.

keep going:

total verse gematria of Luke 24:8, verse 26000 =


there are four verses with a total gematria of 4222

first verse:

Numbers 3:36
"And under the custody and charge of the sons of MERARI shall be the boards of the tabernacle, and the bars thereof, and the pillars thereof, and the sockets thereof, and all the vessels thereof, and all that serveth thereto, ..."

see my other posts - this is a match to the Exodus verse where the Tabernacle's boards are mentioned.

Exodus 36:33
"And he (Bezaleel) made the middle bar to shoot through the boards from the one end to the other."

keep going:

I consider the Target word is the last word in the verse with a total of 482
(482 = 241 x 2) see my first post.

total verse gematria minus this target word value of 482 =


check all verse with a value of 3740


first match -

verse one with a value of 3740

Exodus 25:14
"And thou shalt put the staves into the rings by the sides of the ark, that the ark may be borne with them."

this appear to be another match. Rings, and Staves. see my first post with dream details.

second match appears, more like a new thread involving MERARI. Matches Numbers 3:36 from above.

Joshua 21:7
"The children of MERARI by their families had out of the tribe of Reuben, and out of the tribe of Gad, and out of the tribe of Zebulun, twelve cities.


For years I have wondered and puzzled and worked in vain to navigate back and forth between the two Testaments, and the two concordances of Strong's. Finally it seems the Lord is allowing some of His logic to be known.

Thanks to Richard McGough for his brilliant Bible Wheel web site.

Jesus is Lord.