Clay Cantrell (13 Feb 2012)
"The Reason List and the Conclusion"

Readers -

this post here:

lists 13 reasons to watch February 17th as a possible date of the Sudden Destruction and related events. Thankfully, the writer is cautious enough to regularly use disclaimer words such as "possible" and "may" in regard to the upcoming and anticipated events.

Included in the list are examinations of the following:

White Rose Anti-Nazi Pamphlets (1943)
Dresden, Germany Fire Bombings (1945)
The Upside Down Pakistan Flag ay the Rockefeller Center NYC
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Movie
Broncos Steelers Football Game
Obama’s Alfalfa Club “Escape Washington” Speech
Madonna’s "Unveiling of the Illuminati at the Super Bowl" Half-time Show

The writer seems to be in-the-know about all things Illuminati, and convinced thereof.

I quote from the post;

"This is why some will believe that my statement of the facts is date setting, when indeed I am specifically avoiding doing so."

I really question whether the dissection of Madonna's Super Bowl Half-Time show is actually a "fact", and I also question whether the methods and strategy employed are, in fact, what a "Biblical Watchman" does.

really. Football games, movies, historical events with a theoretical twist, political speeches by a theoretical AC candidate, and celebrity entertainment. These are the foundations of an End-Time Scenario?

If the "Conclusion" had read as I have reworded it below, I would have felt better:

"Conclusion: Well there you have it, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Now you now EXACTLY why I am going to watch February 17th intently. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that, if February 17th ends up coming and going, ........

.... then the material I have posted above is not to be trusted." (my addendum).


I would heartily agree that Jesus is coming soon.