Clay Cantrell (13 Feb 2012)
"17 Reasons Why the Lord is Coming in 1998"

Readers -

Years ago, a dedicated European writer to this website posted an interesting and creative article I believe was titled:

"17 Reasons the Lord is coming in 1998."

If I remember correctly he was specific about a certain date, possibly May 31, a date many others were "watching" (setting), but I honestly can't remember for sure because I'm an old man and can't remember stuff.

I do remember that the material had several "reasons" involving interesting and well articulated astronomical observations including constellations, and the names of Patriarchs, their meanings etc. very clever and quite fascinating, actually.

He was completely wrong in the sense that the date passed without event, and his material was discredited, by his own admission.

He then bailed on posting at all, referring to his own material by uncomplimentary adjectives. He hasn't been heard from since, or at least by his former monicker.

I was sad to see that he wasn't going to be posting anymore, but he at least had the courage to call a spade a spade even when he was holding the cards - unlike the usual practice of, after a failed date, laying more bricks on a cracked foundation.