Charles Holler (9 Feb 2012)
"R. Reese's 6th 21 day warning is 2-16/17"

Greetings and Salutations John, mathman, R.Reese, and Doves,
       It's very late but I think  the Lord has shown me according to Ron Reese's patterns of 21 day warnings from the NWO the next one could be the SD/Rapture. In Christ Church Australia on February 17th it will be Feb. 16 in America. Ron has pointed out several times and I agree that the enemy uses numbers and 216 (6x6x6) is one of those they like. The AC was born on August 4th which is the 216th day of the year and what better way for them to honor their beast BO than to start their WW111 on 2-16 and take out their Queen nation.
        Yet this day could have been foretold in scripture as the rapture day also. The 16th chapter of the 2nd book in the Holy Bible (Exodus 16 ) is about deliverance of the whole congregation of the children of Israel on the 16th day of the 2nd month. Can you believe this???? I was ecstatic when it jumped off the page at me. At first I wasn't sure because it talks of them murmuring on the 15th day of the second month, but verse seven says in the morning ( the 16th day) they shall see the Glory of the Lord as the ground was covered with manna for the first time, and at evening (probably after sunset also the 16th day) the ground was covered with quail and they did eat flesh, and as Aaron told them, they all looked toward the wilderness and beheld The Glory of The Lord in a Cloud. Praise His Holy Name. thank you Jesus.
         So here we have it....a tale of two 216's, one evil and one good. NWO giving Sudden Destruction as The Lord Raptures the whole Congregation. I can't wait to see what Ron Reese and mathman have to say about what's been revealed to them about this 6th 21 day warning from the NWO.
     Charles H. Holler