Charles Holler (10 Feb 2012)
"Ron Reese and 111"

Greetings and Salutations John and Doves,
     There are 111 days between Nov. 9, 2011 (the real 9-11) the first warning of the NWO as the Feds seized every TV, cable, cell phones,  and radio stations for their Emergency broad casting system and the 6th warning on  2-17. Could there be a message here that 111 days from 11-9-11 to 2-17-12 is a warning to prepare for the SD/Rapture?
       Side-note: Yesterday after I wrote a post on 216-17 I put my bi-pap mask on and as I always do, I look at the clock to see how much sleep I'll be getting and it was 2:17am......then today I looked at the clock around noon, then the next look was 2:17 pm. I also just be chance live in the 217 telephone area code hahaha. see ya in the air
Charles Holler Sr