Charles (9 Feb 2012)
"Another rapture dream"

I avoided the halftime show now I see why! I told my wife after reading about it see all the symbolism it's in your face! She said she did not care and so what.  It was just a show! Well I fell asleep troubled and being attacked by my own inadequacy it seems those of us trying to relent and knowing and watching the truth of what's coming are being reminded in our heads of everything we have done wrong to be made to feel scared and not worthy to go on trying to be watching and repent! Sadly it shows how close we are! The fact is the Super Bowl was a big subliminal message worship the world and things of the world! Well I fell asleep and had a rapture dream I heard rapture rapture rapture like tora tora tora the code for pearl harbor attack then the rapture! Going up I remember thinking oh this was what 5,6,7 Jesus meant and feeling surprised that the rapture was on a Thursday! Some of the dream was muddled this is all I remember I looked up may 17th it's a Thursday! Could it be ascension day? Oh and driving around look at all the car symbols they are all mostly based on the upside down cross of Nero! I watch children shows with my son and have been noticing all of them recently have peace symbols displayed in the background icarly big time rush Alvin had a peace shirt on! Tell someone the peace symbol is based on the upside down cross and they will think your crazy! Everything in this world is upside down and everyone swears their on thier feet instead of dangling by them. I want to go where everyone knows my name!