Charles (6 Feb 2012)
"Are you serious!"

My son likes to watch the movie RIO! Besides the female blue Mccaw being the symbol for the galactic federation of light symbol when blue says she is an angel the short before with the little ice age squirrel shows him chasing a nut falling to the center of the earth rotating the core one way then the other with the Earth on top going through convulsions mountains rising and falling craters etc. At the end of the short he is spit back out onto an ice flow. With the caption coming soon! They laugh at us and indoctrinate our children while we stupidly watch and if we do have an unction of the holy one to see the truth and try to tell other wise even Christian adults they will say are you serious! They also are those who never read revelations do not want to talk about what is coming and do not watch or say they care when you bring up the strange weather, the Mideast, the economy, Jesus. Iming back soon their reply are you serious? It's just a cartoon no Virginia its very real and you are being warned and told its just a natural thing and lulled into disbelief what is soon coming! I would say those watching and getting these cute little shop of horrors are the 1%! Take the red pill of Jesus blood you cannot go back! Thing is as horrifying it is being the clueless guy in the scary movie is always much much worse then the guy that sees what is going on yet cannot convince others! My sons grades are triangles seriously one side two sides or three sides when you've mastered the skill they want you to have to be a good global citizen what happened to 1,2,3? Pass fail? A,B,C? They are so smartly subtle the wise of this world say are you serious as they drink kool aid swearing it's water! I am just a fool in Christ but I can happily drink water!