Charles (6 Feb 2012)
"1corinthians thank you no thank you! "

I was crying in my head yesterday to I just feel like I wanted to be that little sheep right next to Jesus and never leave his side! I was so concerned I was not helping anyone thank you for giving me the encouragement to go on. If I helped even you a little it's enough and I thank Jesus for the gift. Speaking of people I helped two older people and told them I thought Jesus was coming soon the guy wanted to give me $ 100 for helping them I said I could not take it my reward was in heaven! He said you cannot count on that I said that was all I counted on! Yesterday after feeling so wanting to not go out in the world only Jesus can afford the dry cleaning bills they sent me cookies as a thank you! I gladly accepted the gift! They are from a generation not numbed by electronic stimulation and have an ability to say thank you and went out of their way! The thing is what even twenty five years ago would have been normal behavior on their and my part was so atypical for them and me we were both delighted by the dimmest light!