Charles (4 Feb 2012)
"We all need to trim our wicks and keep the lamp burning"

Its dark out there without the light if the spirit! In watching I almost used all my oil too soon! God showed me to trim my wick and rely on Him and patiently wait! Knowing what's on the horizon we want to go be his bride! I personally see my dress get all mud covered and worry oh my will Jesus see me like this? I try and follow Him and seperate things but lets face it just in the world there is nothing not muddy! I call upon Jesus blood daily to redeem my wardrobe just keep the dress on Jesus will do the rest! Please anyone have more information on May ascension day? It seems alot of events are lining up then and there is a solar eclipse on may 20th in crescent shape over the USA? Is not the blood moons judgement for Israel and the solar eclipses judgement for the nations? Pray for Israel they are fitting children with gas masks!