Charles (4 Feb 2012)
"Three whales versus fifty million"

I tried to have as wholesome an evening as I could with my family we went out for burgers and shakes and to see Big Miracle the movie! I have seen like three movies this year I try and avoid them I used to go to every premiere! The movie itself was as charming and warm as advertised. Based on a true story about how the US, Russia, green peace, a big oil company, and barrow Alaska with the national guard all worked together to save two out of three whales stranded five miles under the ice. Humanity at its finest and worst all together. You left feeling good a little and also that that seemed so long ago. Coming home I thought of when I marched with people for life in Washington several hundred thousand people! A few or several thousand were the words the news used. I remember sitting next to our representative at the prayer breakfast who promised not to vote for healthcare supporting abortion and later did justifying some greater good! They lost the next race and their successor broke their promises also. The fact is the whole world cared about three whales for both selfish and unselfish reasons in 1988 because the public heard and cared so they did something whether it was for the whales or for the publicity. God showed me that humanity at its finest coming together still needs Him as Lord to have any hope and savior! How could the whole world have mobilized to save three whales and 300,000 marching on Washington to save millions of babies not even be a blip on the radar! If two babies fell in a well it would be national news of the rescue but every day thousands of mothers become barren and because it's their "right" many are silent others are not but they don't make the laws and are lied to by those who do or lately just dismissed as trying to impose their views on others. You see as humans those making the laws define right. God is higher and until we understand and accept his Lordship we take the gnats out of others eyes and feel proud all the while not seeing the log in ours. Those that see the logs through Christs eyes and with his help remove their own so they can see are then called blind by those straining to remove all the gnats! Human standards of good have been shown foolish and arbitrary by design only with the holy spirits help can we see the log and not strain for gnats! Jesus is Lord and only by dying with Him to the flesh on the cross and rising with him
to new life can we through the spirit discern truly good from evil! As wonderful as what they did for those whales was perhaps the natives where most truly Christ like sacrificing their plan to harvest the whales and help them and dig holes to the sea for no reward I just came home knowing how much I we all need the Lord and Jesus to save us because hundreds of thousands marching for childrens right to live barely made the news! Just not with the program I guess. Need to change the channel!