Charles (29 Feb 2012)
"bible code search"

I have read alot of stories about the us beefing up our carrier defenses and many of the searches I have done in psalms have come up interesting. I just searched and found carrier, false flag, usa, iran, war, missle, purim, bride, and taken in the same matrix. Are the bible codes Gods word search knowledge sealed up until the end it seems out of the bounds of mere coincidence all these words could show up in the same bible verse. Interestingly words like march, rapture, and russia did not. Ceasar said beware the ides of march the 5th-15th I think we better agree with the warning. Better yet lets hear the warning when you see these things begin to happen look up your redemption draws near. pastor paul begley nailed it on the head when he said people are so wrapped up in madonna, or Nicky mirage, or the jersey shore or how many housewives their are. I dont care what good is it going to do for you when animals are dropping dead for no cause, lambs are dying as they are born, and no one is aware to be concerned becuase they are talking about who wore what at the oscars. Are you serious people wake up first its the animals then you dont want to be here for the rest! Only Jesus saves turn off the unholy spirit channel TV and turn on the holy spirit channel cal upon Jesus to be saved. I used to take the bible code with a grain of salt. Until I started seeing 11;11 everywhere now other combinations, then haveing rapture dreams, and getting messages on license plates. When i first read on doves people getting messages from God on licnese plates I said really then it started to just happen to me really obvoisly and specifically in answer to a prayer! Seriously I became more in tune with the holy spirit the less in tune I became with tv. Lastly I recently watched a video on hummingbird027 that she was awaken at 1:30am that number relates to the redemption by Jesus Blood and a taking away from the Earth of the bride the elect. I went to breakfast afterwards and looked up at a picture of a sports car a porshe on the wall my table and seat was perfectly positioned to see this picture the number on the car hood was 130! it would have meant nothing to me had I not watched this video. I do not believe in coincidence any more. God is speaking that his Son is coming its just you got to turn off the tv, by the way what God refers to as godless chatter, call upon the name of the Lord to be saved, ask for the holy spirit read his holy word to hear the Gpd of all creation. they were going to have pastor bagley on cnn with anderson cooper about the animal deaths the hosea prophecy then canceled the interview. They were going to ridicule him but then realized that some may have believed. No one wants to talk about the animal deaths or the earthquakes or the mideast or Jesus coming better be ready because your as party pooper. Better a party pooper in heaven then one second after the bride is gone theres not going to be much of a party here and I think no one will care about the housewives anymore. On second thought maybe they will even more.