Charles (29 Feb 2012)
"Confirmation of Purim rapture on a license plate"

I was driving praying to Jesus to be found worthy and telling Him I was sorry for everything I have ever done to put Him on that cross! I was admitting there was no way I could save myself or my family and really it is so hard to watch right now it's like you see the sword coming and your frozen just watching it and the worst part is your in a room with people laughing and carrying on that cannot even see the sword! It is the world taking care of business and my realizing the truth of Gods word that all our works in the flesh will count for nothing only the fruit we produce through the spirit! Anyway I see this license plate in front of me it says ETA7878! Arriving between the 7th and 8th? Did I get a hang in there your redemption draws near from the Holy Spirit? That's my belief and I am sticking with it! ETA7878!