Charles (20 Feb 2012)
"Pray now tomorrow may be too late!"

My heart is pounding as rarely before! I am at a chocolate event surrounded by hundreds of people I feel like screaming the world is going on while Baghdad airport is shut down flights are being restricted in the USA according to Mary Greeley ! I have been seeing 311 look up John 3:11  11Verily, verily, I say unto thee, We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen; and ye receive not our witness. This is a direct message to those watchimg! I got another message last night look at this licence plate I saw DYH8666! This translates in God speak do your homework ie study to be a workman approved do not be an unprofitable servant the AC is coming! This on my way to see my one prophecy watching christian friend! I had it a discussion with my wife she said she was sick of my saying stuff for five years and not enjoying life! I said I was trying to honor God and take care of my family and that God told us to be sober and alert that I was trying to joy in God! This chocolate event my attempt to family stuff sounded like great but it's just standing in lines for a chocolate sample so they can sell chocolate! Two people get golden tickets and win a tv what a prize! I want to be happy but this worlds happiness is deception the vanity of this world and walking in it leads you to death and hell! The focus on Jesus and watching and walking
In the truth and spirit leads to life and true happiness! The world does not get it they think we are stick in the muds watching the news all the time reading the bible like we're missing out I quote you they wonder why we don't run in the same excess of riot as they! Beloved do you wonder of this strange trial that's come over you! I got dizzy around all the people standing in line for a sample of chocolate more effort then most make to read Gods word and see for themselves the truth! Truth is people don't like Gods word because it speaks about morality how we cannot stand on our own merits how we need Gods saving grace how we should love God not the world and how wrath is coming upon the world and those who walk after the flesh according to the world and do not die on the cross in repentance then live on a new spirit that seeks heavanly things not earthly rewards that perish. They think that by avoiding anything they don't want to be true they can make it not true! And it is horrifying to me! I am not trying to rain on their parade if a tornado was coming and the weather service warned them then they would go into a shelter an ark! If a politician came up with a way to save them they would follow!! Just like it says in the bible we are either following Jesus and the holy spirits leading home or the worlds leading into the pit! The problem is right up to a second after the rapture we look like the fools and are made to feel as such for not joining the party! The party is not a party it's a snare! Look at lady gaga wearing the net face! I got a magazine how to survive anything well they are installing in people what's coming is something to survive like its a natural event ! Even if you survive and drive a Chevy eat twinkies what's the point if you do not get on to your hands and knees and tell God from your heart your sorry and ask the Lord to forgive you for putting Jesus on that cried and to wash you in the blood and start walking in the light of the spirit instead of the darkness of this world disguised as light then at the end you will be taken off the earth anyway ! You have two choices repent believe be saved follow the holy spirit to the mocking of this world and be at peace with the creator or ignore His word, his Sons salvation, and the truth of the news and live now and fore sake forever! I went for a walk yesterday and was on the road I asked God for a sign felt lonely I returned on a narrow path with mud and ravines and trees it was messy and harder but peaceful and after removing prickers I got home! God said that was your sign ! I finally told my wife what I was seeing and others were I was warning her because I wanted her to go I did not want to leave and go in the woods or live in strife but I had to chose God! She said so you and these few others are seeing the truth and others are not I said exactly because we are seeing by the spirit and listening! She said well your very few and I said narrow is the road few there be that find it! Looking out on the observation deck I had a vision of doing so then the rapture soon occuring! I saw the rapture on a Thursday march 8th is Thursday May 17th is Thursday I do not feel we have till May but if the Lord tarried let it be so! I see the Japan navy steaming to the gulf they are not even allowed to do we have till May? Get on your knees now that's the only survival strategy I have to offer! Get about two weeks of food water medicine if we are here ten days after the balloon goes up or Isaiah 17 occurs you may need it planning to survive the tribulation who would want to! My wife said after our talk today we should go on vacation in the fall! I have tears in my eyes right now it's not that she does not believe in Jesus she just like most relied on the soothing words from the pulpit no one is warning or watching and I am a freak for doing so who even though Jesus put her in my life I was not watching when we got married why now? Because five years ago I was told he was coming and to watch and wait and pray and have been trying to do so! That's why it's like too late to warn any more if you have not made the choice in your heart or are not watching or don't see by now it's like Jesus is at the door all you have is time to kneel then get up and start running for it! Those of us walking the path have cleared away the brush but the prickers at the end please come now! Three weeks maybe a few days before maybe even if three months is that really time for more then packing your spiritual bags and flying! I am ignoring my son to type this in the freezing cold I ask you to pray for my family for Jesus peace that we go and are safely in the ark I ask you to pray that for yourself and family first!